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Willie Page, Owner

"We strive to get it right the first time"

There is a very wise saying that if you, “Give a man a fish, and you will feed him for a day.” But, if you “teach a man to fish, you can feed him for a lifetime” (author uncertain).  The author may be contested or unknown, but the sentiment is spot on.  The late Bishop Henry Page lived his life, and influenced countless numbers of men and women, by adhering to this philosophy.  He had a firm, no-nonsense way of helping men reach their full potential, as husbands, fathers, providers, brothers, friends or whatever their position in life may be.  He founded the Greater St. Paul Church in 1961 and immediately began his quest to help boys become men, and men to become better men.  They all respected him highly.

Bishop Page trained Willie, along with a “team” of young people, who grew up to become incredibly well-grounded, contributing members of society.  He showed them, how to invest time and resources and how to own personal and rental property.  He urged them to seek a good education, be committed to their God, their family, their careers, but he also believed in getting some much-needed rest and relaxation on the lake.  Everyone in the house learned to work and fish on some level.  Each one cherished the opportunity to spend some prime time with their dad.  Whether fishing or building, it was precious time well-spent.  

When he wasn’t on one of the lakes or at the Colorado River, you could find the Bishop building something, remodeling something or repairing something.  He built three churches and later, connected them all together to form one spacious complex.  He remodeled our home from three standard bedrooms to a spacious ranch-style, 6-bedroom estate.  He was gifted to have an architect’s eye for seeing what is, and a designer’s eye for imagining what could be.  He taught this skill to his sons and daughters. When the girls were little, they would declare that they “built” the church and our home!

Page Renovations, Inc. is the brainchild and dream of the owner, Willie D. Page, one of the sons who sat at the feet of his father and learned from the master builder.  Certainly, as a young teen, Willie was not always eager to spend countless Saturdays and holidays measuring 2×4’s, hanging drywall, building fences, and remodeling kitchens and bathrooms.  He would much rather have spent time with his friends.  But who knew that one day those tedious, handyman, carpenter skills would lead to a prosperous, thriving business touching many lives and families.  Willie, your father would be very proud of you.  Continue Building Incomparable Products at an Efficient Cost.  The Page dream lives!   

“Page Renovations, Inc.
“Building an Incomparable Product at an Efficient Cost”  
(Licensed, Bonded & Insured)”


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